Facebook Break Side Effect

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I’m sitting at the airport waiting for a flight to the US. This time it’ll be short. I’ll be flying home on Wednesday.  Overall it’s been so much easier than usual as I’m not only traveling light, I have Nexus so instead of a long Customs line I had one person in front of me. I had one question to answer: “No checked baggage” and I was off.

I had an interesting thought as I went in for screening. If they ask me for my social media credentials – it is impossible for me to give them. While it might make for a tremendous hassle if they asked, there’s nothing to be done. I had changed the password to a complex one that I didn’t know, created a separate email only for this purpose whose password is also changed every time I renew my break, and then I use a “Send an email to future me” service to get them back later.  I chose a month for this latest break, but I could just as easily have chosen a date after my arrival.

Of course as a non-citizen, it might be harder as at least as a citizen they have to eventually let me in though they could make this trip and every other one for eternity a hassle. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a simple solution for this problem, here’s an easy and fast one.


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