Sitting Tight in Plattsburgh

It rained all day today and so, instead of riding we found ourselves relaxing in the hotel.  I watched a bit of TV with Sage and Daegan read, drew, and napped.  We did need to eat, though, so we went on a small adventure.

The first thing we did was to fuel up for the trip. We waited for a break in the rain and then walked across the street to a pizza place and got food:  Spaghetti and Meatballs for me with the extra carbs from some garlic bread. Chicken parmesan sandwich for Daegan. And as it started to rain even harder we killed a bit more time having coffee next door.

Then it was errand time. We both forgot shaving supplies, my belt broke just before walking out the door, and Daegan wanted a notebook and pen. And so we made a brief stop at Walmart – far from our favourite place but we found all we needed. Then we decided to head off in search of the next item we’d forgotten. One a bit more important than the other items: Chamois cream. Luckily there was a bike shop nearby and we headed over there.

But then something caught our eye. An abandoned tower. As we got closer an old abandoned diner car appeared as well.

It’s unclear, even from the searching I’ve done online, when this was closed. There appears to be a batting cage and a few other things but it looks like it’s been a while since it’s been in use.

Sadly no luck on the chamois cream. We’re going to have to tough it out for at least another day. There is a bike shop in Burlington so we’ll likely stop there tomorrow.

Then we’re off to a friend’s house for at least a day or so. And then, though the exact routing details are unclear, we are going to start heading back for the border with one surprise landmark guiding our general direction. It’s great being in the area but it’s really obvious what a difference the exchange rate makes. Right now a Canadian dollar is worth $0.80 US. So any time we get a bill for a $30 dinner, it winds up being almost $40. A $100 hotel is $120 and so on. And so we’ll cross back over and wander around Quebec for a little while…

At least that’s the plan for the moment. If you know me you also know that that could change…

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