Abandoned: Winnie’s World

What is it about this trip for abandoned amusement areas? We started our visit to the US with an abandoned one in Plattsburgh. Last night on the way to dinner we walked through some parking lots and came across this:

It was another abandoned “family fun centre” and this one was completely accessible.   And so, after hitting the go cart track, we wandered over to the mini golf course.

It gets hot spending time out in the sun playing mini golf so we headed to the water to go to the bumper boats.  But we need to be safe – so of course we read all the rules first.

And then it was in to the pool with us…

With the trip to the US suitably bookended by visits to abandoned amusement areas (a bit of cultural metaphor, perhaps?) it was time to get back to the hotel and rest up for our trip back across the border…

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