Summer 2017 Ride by the Numbers


We’re back in Montreal and so it’s time to look back on this trip in terms of numbers:

  • Kilometres ridden: 550 (Approximately the distance from New York City to Pittsburgh)
  • Shortest Riding Day: 47.9 km (Yesterday)
  • Longest Riding Day: 162.1 km (Saturday)
  • Tire Revolutions: 252294
  • Metres climbed: 4394 – about 8 CN Towers
  • Number of flats: 0
  • Number of times our bikes needed a full washdown: 1
  • Overnight Stop Locations: 5
  • Times Google sent us on another sketchy route: 3
  • Number of International Border Crossings: 2
  • Number of US States visited: 2
  • Number of Canadian provinces visited 1
  • Number of potential points of interest identified before the trip: 60
  • Number potential points of interest visited on the trip: 2
  • Ferries taken: 2
  • Trains taken: 1 (and one more to come tomorrow)
  • Friends visited: 3
  • Strangers who hosted us: 2
  • French Fries Consumed: four quarts
  • Donuts consumed: 1 dozen
  • Energy bars consumed: 10
  • Litres of water consumed while riding: 42
  • Bottles lost on the road: 2
  • Bottles left at Airbnb hosts’ houses: 1
  • Number of containers of sunscreen hosts gave us when we couldn’t find ours: 2
  • Number of rain storms we were caught in: 0
  • Number of rain storms avoided by rest days: 2 days of rain
  • Number of movies watched while on rest day: 1 (Dunkirk)
  • Hours in the saddle: 31.5 – Just under 16 showings of Dunkirk
  • Hours remaining before we return home: 32
  • Hours until I start thinking about where we will go next: 32

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