Library Experiment Day 3: The Blackout Continues

It’s going to be a short one today since I haven’t even left the apartment. I am still quite enjoying my CDs from the library and more are starting to show up at our local branch so I am looking forward to that.

I did listen to a bit of streaming music also but I have to admit – I’m much less of a fan of Jazz and Classical music than I would like. I still have a few days on the service that allows only 8 items to be borrowed a month.

The big thing I’m still dealing with is that I still have no access to news and I haven’t read a news article since Saturday. I’ve seen a few headlines, some opinions, and when it comes to Houston, I even talked on the phone to someone there. But I lack the depth of understanding I’m used to. I had intended to go to the Reference Library to see if the biggest library in the city might have a newspaper I could read but by the time I’d made and eaten dinner it was 7PM. It takes 30 minutes for me to get there and 30 minutes to get back – and I have an 8:15 PM conference call. And so I’ve put it off for another day. I’m seriously considering amending the rules to allow for a bit of CBC listening – it’s also a public resource, right?

It’s also giving me a bit of perspective about accessibility. Libraries are great but except for the online resources (which present their own accessibility challenges), you have to be able to actually get to them. We’re lucky in our city that most people are relatively close by to a library – and the hours are not too bad for most branches. But what if you work nights? Or have two jobs? Or you have child or eldercare challenges – or physical ones? I’m whining about not getting to read the newspaper since Saturday but really, I could walk outside and pick one up – or a free daily just outside. But what about being unable to get to something more important and less easy to schedule? An English as a Second Language class that conflicts with work, a job search workshop that you can’t go to because your kids are not in school yet and you can’t afford child care until you get a job.  As great a resource as the library is, it’s also not a panacea. No matter how accomodating you try to be (and believe me, our library system tries really hard!), it’s going to leave people unable to use it to its fullest potential. I hadn’t thought of that until today.


Meanwhile, instead of finding out the details of what’s going on in the world, instead I made a delicious dinner of homemade ma po tofu. I adapted the recipe to be a little spicier than usual and it was excellent. I’ll finish this entry, go and practice my Hindi vocabulary, typing, and spelling and then it will likely be time for tonight’s call. Here’s hoping it’s quick and easy.

One thought on “Library Experiment Day 3: The Blackout Continues

  1. Tofu looks delicious! 😊

    I just commented this on your other post (sorry, I got a li’l behind on reading them!) but I really do think it’s ok to listen to the radio, I mean they are YOUR rules lol. 😊

    I also have a problem with libraries’ accessibility– I work nights so I sleep in quite late and can’t ever make it on time to really look around for a book to read so I’m glad they invented EBooks and library apps!! But you can only find books on those…not newspapers or like a job search, you know?

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