Library Experiment Ends Early


The hypothesis I came up with last Thursday wasn’t as true as I thought. As much as I thought the library would be all I needed, I think there are some challenges that make that definitely not the case for me.

There are great resources available, don’t get me wrong, but fitting them in to my current lifestyle isn’t always easy. Getting to a library with newspapers wasn’t really going to work if I wanted to read a newspaper, cook dinner and exercise all in the same night. I found video options limited (but we’re enjoying re-watching Don for sure!) As I said last night it really underscores the fact that no matter how much we structure our city with good free resources like libraries, parks, and free/inexpensive classes and activities, it isn’t the whole picture. If I had trouble fitting things in with my relatively flexible schedule, others are going ot have an even harder time. It’s an aspect I hadn’t thought of.

And so now with that experiment behind me, I’m going to put the training tire on my bicycle and exercise for a bit and then maybe see what’s happening in the world. I feel like I missed quite a bit.

3 thoughts on “Library Experiment Ends Early

  1. Oh all of my comments have been just pointless! I’m sorry lol. It is weird to miss out on everything! I don’t blame you

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