3 thoughts on “Saturday follow-up

    1. I wouldn’t do it all the time but definitely in something where the flavour is carried mostly by the sauce it works extremely well. I often use it in Thai curries as well where the broth is rich and flavourful. I wouldn’t use it in a dish where the flavour of the chicken was a big part of it. Tofu pot pie, for example, does not sound nearly as good as chicken pot pie. You won’t catch me substituting tofu for the protein in fried chicken or catfish.

      Also an important note: Extra firm tofu is great for meaty texture but other softer kinds aren’t. (But believe it or not, you can use soft tofu to make an amazing chocolate silk pie – a fantastic option for me as dairy and I don’t get along that well.)

      1. Wow. Maybe I should try and get in this tofu thing. I’ve been pish poshing it for years now 😂

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