How we Met

One of the things I’ve meant to write an entry about is how Sage and I met. The short answer is worth a whole entry. OR – in a life like mine that has strange twists and turns in it, someone takes Sage’s words about how we met and then turns it in to the coolest animated video you’ve ever seen.  Major bonus points to the folks at who made this amazing piece of video for releasing it on Sage’s birthday!

So if you’ve ever been wondering, just how did Sage and Todd meet? Or if you already knew but thought “What would it look like reimagined in the coolest possible way?” have a look below.

8 thoughts on “How we Met

  1. Sage seems awesome and you guys are so lucky. I used to do BBS’ing before the “internet” in DOS. How much fun was that? Congrats and I would love to see more!

    1. She’s pretty amazing. There are a few stories of hers on video around the Internet that I could share but unfortunately that animation was an (amazing) one-off done by an amazing group of people.

      1. Oops! I just noticed that 🙂 It’s actually been 25. But yes, I absolutely think that. I like to think we’ve both grown cooler as we got older. She did, at least – it’d be wrong of me to judge myself. 🙂

  2. I heard this wonderfully lovely heart warming story in person in Bangalore during the story-telling session. Now that video is really nice!
    Congratulations! And tonnes of good wishes always.

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