Exciting News!

Some very exciting news arrived today – almost a year before I expected to see it based on posted processing times. I’ve officially been invited to take my Canadian citizenship test.


So the next step of our immigration journey is coming up. The test date they gave me probably won’t work as I have a business trip coming up then (and really, I need a little time to study – that was going to be my project for next summer!) but this is extremely exciting news.

If we pass, we will be told we passed immediately and be scheduled to take the oath of citizenship within about 6 months after which we’ll be Canadian citizens, eligible to vote and get a Canadian passport.

15 thoughts on “Exciting News!

    1. Thanks! Now we’ve just got to study like crazy. There’s a 68 page study guide for us to review. I know we’ve gained a bit of knowledge just by living here and Daegan got civics class in high school (and I was lucky enough to have “Canadian Studies” class in my high school in Vermont) but I want to be 100% sure I know this inside and out.
      (If you’re curious, the guide is here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/publications/discover/index.asp)

      1. It’s funny because my husband went to a website where there is a canadian citizenship practice test and he asked me 20 questions. And you know what? At first I got 13/20 and second 17/20 without even studying about Canada. Lol. The questions change depends on the province you choose. I’m 100% you will pass!

      2. I’m sure – and you get more than one chance at it. But I am determined to do well. You will also do well when your time comes. After all, look how you did without even studying!

    1. What’s the process for you? For us it was getting permanent resident status (after a series of work permits) and then we procrastinated literally for *years* before putting in the citizenship application in. The PR application took so long to process and then we had to go get fingerprinted for police checks and then we had to get a medical exam. The whole process took almost 18 months from when the application was sent out. Citizenship was fast. The website said it would take a year to process but we mailed ours out at the beginning of August – that’s FAST!

      1. I still have a long way to go to be even be a permanent resident. I’m still waiting for our marriage certificate to be released by the Philippine Statistics Authority. It takes 6 months from the time of the marriage date and we got married last May. As soon as we get it we will apply for spousal sponsorship and visitor’s visa. My husband and I is in a long distance relationship. Although we talk everyday, I miss him in flesh. According to the website they have reduced the processing time to 12 months, so it’s good news for me.

      2. Wow – that is a long ways to go. The processing times can be crazy. Hopefully yours go quickly and smoothly. At least your certificate is nearly ready. Good luck!

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