शुभ दिवाली (Shubh Diwali)


This week’s photo challenge was “Glow” so of course what could be more appropriate for “Glow” this week than a diya. This one was taken on a walk in Varanasi the night before Diwali last year.  A few folks were already lighting firecrackers and there were many folks in the streets.  The streets there were often very narrow and dark in some places and I still remember almost having a terrible accident with an enormous black cow lying in the middle of a dark alley. I didn’t see her until I was two steps away from actually tripping over her. That would’ve been terrible!

Later in the walk I found myself at a restaurant for dinner where I had been a few times before. As it was late, it was just the owner and a few workers there and the owner’s dog. And so I sat and had a small veggie thali and a Limca and we all watched 3 Idiots together – one of my favourite movies. There’s a reason why Rotten Tomatoes gives it 100%. Which is to say that even if you don’t speak Hindi, get yourself a copy and watch it. It is wonderful.

The next day would be my last in Varanasi at which point I would board a train to Jaipur where I would only be able to do a little bit of celbrating before I became horribly sick. It was still a great experience – one I talk about here.

Tomorrow is Diwali. If you are celebrating it, I hope you have a good one. If you aren’t, I hope you have the chance to someday – preferably not while sick.

via Photo Challenge: Glow

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