Moments: Bicycle Repair Man



A couple of nights ago I was walking on the path through the park to the library. A little boy was hunched over his bicycle while two girls stood over their bikes, clearly waiting for him. As I approached I asked:

“Do you need any help?”

“My chain fell off. I think it’s twisted.”

A quick look at it revealed that it had just fallen off the sprocket.  Within a few seconds I had put the chain back on and the boy was on his way, thanking me as he rode off.

I loved that I was able to be there at the right time – and to be my favourite superhero: “Bicycle Repairman”

I realized that a lot of little moments happen in my life: things I see, hear, or do. While they don’t warrant a full entry, I did want to share them, thus this new post category was born.

4 thoughts on “Moments: Bicycle Repair Man

    1. He was pretty young (about the age of the kid in the stock photo I found above) and seemed to be completely unsure how to fix things. I think he was going to have to walk it home if it wasn’t fixed.

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