The New ‘OK’

Americans seem to be completely accepting of this but I suspect those of us living outside the US might find this both sad and ridiculous.

Police said it took several hours to identify the gunman on CCTV, as several other armed citizens drew their weapons when gunfire broke out.

Thornton Police Department spokesman Victor Avila said: “We had to be able to discern what exactly was going on – whether that was a suspect or whether that was a citizen truly worried about what was going on at the sound of gunshots”.

Via the BBC.

And quite frankly at this point I don’t even argue sensible gun control any more. I’d say most minds are made up on this front. But let’s look broader. This, and all of the other gun violence, is a sign of something seriously wrong at a deep cultural level. And the acceptance of the idea that if you go out to a movie, concert, school or the store holds with it a risk of death just like getting in to a car is disturbing. “Oh, a mass shooting? Well, those happen. Glad my family’s safe” seems to be about as upset as many people seem to get.

Why is this now the new OK?

2 thoughts on “The New ‘OK’

  1. I feel it’s like that with everything, gun violence, wars going on, refugee crisis. It’s like if nothing is hitting you right in your face no one cares. Or they’ll just talk about it and then go on with their day. But then I do wonder had this also been a similar attitude in the past as well where if it’s not affecting you directly, you don’t really bother about it too much. Or is it just right now that we’ve become more and more ‘ok’ about all the violence and issues around the world.

    1. To me the threshold for “This is OK” has raised. But then I think we’ve also contracted our “sphere of caring” for lack of a better word to our immediate family. Outside of that the empathy seems to be gone.

      But that may be complete conjecture. The real question is, how does one day’s tragedy become today’s passing news story? Unless someone who isn’t “one of us” does it in which case it’s time to panic.

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