Moments: Near Transformation

On this business trip I was lucky enough to get this car, a Camaro, for my rental car.


Tonight, as I pulled out of work, this song came on my shuffle:

Which, watchers of the new season of Stranger Things will realize, puts me only a mullet away from being this guy.


This is pretty funny because I was closer to this guy:


I mean, just look at me back in 1982.


10 thoughts on “Moments: Near Transformation

    1. Absolutely! I’m all about the bold colours. Last summer I had the same car in a convertible. That was pretty great though really, as you well know, a convertible down here in the summer isn’t always the best thing except first thing in the morning or at night.

      1. Back when I used to own a car, I usually owned black or grey ones as well. But one of my favourite cars was a tiny little bright blue convertible Triumph. So much fun to drive but oh BOY was it a piece of garbage. It barely ran enough to get it to the garage to be fixed.

    1. I know! They have some good ones down here and all the same price since I travel so often. In great part I get them because they’re also the smallest cars on the lot. They also have big sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Give me a tiny car over those any day. They’re more comfortable to drive – probably in part because I don’t usually drive except when I travel. (We don’t have or need a car back home)

  1. Yes – unlike many sites, there’s basically one rental car price for all frequent renters. Walk on the lot, pick the car you want and drive away. The price for the Hyundai hatchback is the same as the GMC Yukon.

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