Back on Facebook


On Friday night I had an odd dream – I was re-adding people to my Facebook feed. But wait, I don’t HAVE an account there anymore.

Oddly enough, though, it got me thinking over the intervening days.  While there were lots of advantages to being disconnected, there are some big disadvantages.  There were a number of people I had to just resign myself from ever being in contact with again.  I’m still a huge fan of email but many of my friends, particularly younger ones, have given up email in favour of Facebook messages or other social media outlets.

And so, after a few days I found myself re-enacting my dream and adding my friends list back in.  I had to do it with a new account as Facebook seems to have blocked my original email address (or rather, it wanted me to prove who I was and wait three days to hear back).

And so we’ll see how it goes. Let’s experiment with moderating Facebook activity with blogging here and some of the other things like reading that I’ve spent lots of time doing since leaving.


7 thoughts on “Back on Facebook

    1. I think the lesson for me was that balance is necessary. I loved a lot of the things about being away but missed the connection. So the trick will be to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Oh that identificarion process happened to my boyfriend’s account, too. You’ll get back in someday!! I did send you an e-mail back last week, I think. Hope you got it! ❤

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