Daegan’s First Gallery Opening

Daegan and Sage at the Wanderings Opening Party

For the last few weeks of March, Daegan has been very busy. He’s been selecting, printing and then framing photos he’s taken over the past little while for his first gallery show, Wanderings which exhibits photos from the past couple of years of his various wanderings – through the city, outside the city, in abandoned and remote places, and most recently, in India.

This past weekend he had an opening party at Caffeine – Toronto’s Cafe. Sage and I rushed up there after our improv class and were excited to see so many people looking at the photos, talking to Daegan about them and purchasing several of them.

There were times and places where there were so many people that I couldn’t get in to see the photos but finally I got to walk through and see them all in place. I’d seen all of them before on computer screens and even saw a few of them printed but it was wonderful to see them all printed out and proudly displayed throughout the cafe, each with a short description.

One of our friends came and joined us and we were only half joking when we told him that we were sitting there trying not to cry. It was a really proud moment for us as parents to see him doing something he loved so much and that he has worked so hard for. But really in the end we spent the entire night smiling. Even after we left we would sometimes just turn to each other and apropos of nothing say “Wow – that was so amazing!”

For those of you in and near Toronto, don’t miss the show – it runs the entire month of April at Caffeine at 1448 Lawrence Avenue East in Scarborough.


Inspired by the weekly photo challenge prompt: Smile

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