All That we See or Seem…


Hunida was talking about recurring nightmares and it got me thinking about my own dreams. I don’t have any recurring nightmares but I did have one dream that really stuck with me.

One of the weirdest dreams I ever had was when I was about 3 and to this day, 44 years later it has stuck with me. It was a dream within a dream, in fact. I was in one place with a bunch of hippies (my family back then was freaked out by hippies – it was the early 70’s after all and they were conservative) and they told me I had to fall asleep on the floor. So I put my head down and went to sleep. In *that* dream I found myself in a dream that was now in black and white. I was in a kitchen like the old TV shows from the 1950’s and a woman from that era turned to me and creepily said “You’ll never get out of this dream.” That was 1974. Maybe I’m still asleep and all of this is in my imagination…

What dreams have you had that have really stuck with you?

8 thoughts on “All That we See or Seem…

  1. I used to have this recurring dream as a kid that I was trapped in a department store, but instead of clothes on the racks they had Muppets. It was pretty terrifying.

  2. That is a bit freaky!
    I had one back in high school (late 80’s) where I drove off the top of a parking garage and almost made it to the other building but fell at the last moment. To this day, I will not drive between those 2 buildings!

    1. Funny how dreams can really affect us like that. We can be completely rational and know that there is nothing to be worried about but still we won’t push past the barrier our dream put in front of us.

  3. That picture you chose is perfect lol she is the exact level of creepiness I pictured. Hahaha.

    Thanks for the shoutout! So glad I could inspire you to post. 😄

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