Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Any kind of camera or photographer

Today a number of people I follow have posted as a part of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – the theme for this one being any sort of camera or photographer.


On a recent library visit, we ended up stopping by a flea market along the way. One stall had so many vintage cameras. I snapped this one to show Daegan as he’s a huge fan of vintage cameras.

daegan vermontDaegan and I went on a long bike trip through Quebec and Vermont last summer. At this point he’s taking a photo of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest mountain. It was particularly surreal to be there because as we were resting in this peaceful spot, surrounded by nature, we could hear the machine guns from a nearby National Guard base.  (The original entry this was in is here – with several more from the trip available.)


Here’s Daegan at his graduation ceremony. It was a very informal school and it made for a lovely experience. Instead of pomp and circumstance there was genuine enthusiasm and joy and everyone was relaxed.  During this time, Daegan was taking photos of his classmates but then the time came for him to come up and get his own diploma. The class was small enough that the students could each pause a bit for parents to take graduation photos.  Leave it to Daegan to take a “graduation photo” of me:


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