CFFC: Books or Paper


In 2003, we’d decided we’d had enough of the sociopolitical climate in the US and immigrated to Canada, moving to Toronto in January of 2004.  We were as happy here as we expected we would be. It really was refreshingly different – of course we’d also moved from the relatively conservative state of Missouri so it was even more noticeably progressive here.

In September we got our absentee ballots, marked all of the Democratic choices and put them in the mail. Needless to say, we were extremely disappointed with the results as George W. Bush won handily. Even though we no longer lived there it was disappointing to see what we thought was a really terrible choice being made by our fellow Americans. (Little did we know we’d look back on that choice a few years later as relatively sane.).

A friend of mine heard how sad we were and she came over to say hi and brought us a box of tissues to deal with our sadness, decorated with a little reminder of how lucky we were to be living here.

Inspired by this week’s Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: “Books or Paper”

8 thoughts on “CFFC: Books or Paper

  1. Are you in the construction industry? I went on a teaching interview for a position in Hong Kong in 1998. I wasn’t professionally certified at the time. Anyway, I remember the relations between people seemed fairly good. I wasn’t afraid to grocery shop in Montreal while it was dark. I do think that the troubles between groups of Americans were furthered by special interest groups and former Presidents, unfortunately. I have traveled widely in Europe and Israel in the past. I am horrified to read of the problems now in London, France, and Israel. The world is changing but I think things will get better.

  2. Although you can’t always believe what you read. I live in Florida in a very mixed area with a variety of languages and cultures and we all for the most part get along. We read of crime in the surrounding area but generally the economy is improving immensely.

    1. Absolutely – I go back several times a year and spent over 30% of my time there on business in 2016. It’s still noticeably different to me. Night and day in terms of atmosphere. Definitely not the country I thought it would be when I grew up. Fortunately I found a place that actually ended up being what I thought it would be like when I grew up. Far from perfect, lots of issues to deal with, but overall it’s more home than home, so to speak.

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