Masala Baked Eggs – Second Attempt

In a previous entry, I told you about creating “masala baked eggs” and at the end of it decided that it was just OK, but there were a few things I could have done better.

Just like before I chopped the usual veggies one would use in a masala omelette – onion, garlic, and green chilli. I didn’t have any tomato though if I had I would have used that as well.


Then just like before I coated the inside of my ramekins with sesame oil. But this time I did something different. I added milagai (gunpowder) masala (recipe here though I bought mine at the store) to the bottom making a thin layer of powder along the bottom. Then I added the vegetables and uncooked eggs on the top.

I put these in a 425 degree oven for 9 minutes. Just before it ended I heated up a couple of teaspoons of ghee to which I added cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, curry leaves, and a bit of red chilli powder. Once the mustard seeds popped I took it off the heat and topped the eggs with a little of the tadka to the top of each egg before serving.

The improvement was hugely noticeable. This dish was light years ahead of the previous effort. Not only were the flavours much bolder than the first time, there was an unexpected effect. The milagai powder got a bit crunchy – and added a nice textural element to the dish. It was not unlike a very thin graham cracker crust.


I have to admit, my recent creativity and joy in the kitchen has a source that is very easy to trace. Masterchef Australia is on again and I’m hopelessly addicted. There’s something so inspiring to watch people cook so creatively and with such joy. It’s infectious! Tonight Sage said that even though we’ve watched all of the seasons once already we should just constantly be watching one season or another.

I’m game.

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