Tuesday Photo Challenge: Height

In my last Hindi class we talked about the phrase “आकाश से बातें करना” – talking to the sky, meaning “really really high.” Two days later the Tuesday Photo Challenge from Dutch Goes the Photo happens to also be about height.

Our Neighbourhood, Thorncliffe Park, seen from above

A few years back I was travelling back and forth to Louisiana a lot. Depending on the weather, flight paths for planes landing in Toronto fly right past our neighbourhood, go a little further in to Scarborough, then do a u-turn and land. At night we can watch them do this one after the other about once a minute. For me, planes mean travel and excitement, so I sometimes get excited for the passengers in the planes as I watch them go by.

Our apartment building looming above Daegan as we walk in the forest

Our neighbourhood has a really great location. On the one hand we can be at the subway station in about 10-15 minutes and downtown in 30. On the other hand, if we walk 10 minutes we can be somewhere like this, with few people around and surrounded by trees. If you’re really lucky you might see deer or even a beaver. At night we can hear the sounds of coyotes rising up to our window from this forest.

If you’re an astute observer you might be able to find the location of the second photo in the first one.

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