Off I Go Again


The first step of the planing process has started. Sage will be going with me this time and I’m really excited. So far our destinations include Delhi, Jaipur, and Bangalore. We’re going to try to see some storytelling while we’re there, and if Sage can find a chance to perform (storytelling or improv – there are a couple of troupes there) or teach some storytelling workshops all the better.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you there!

18 thoughts on “Off I Go Again

    1. For sure – it’s my favourite place to visit. I’ve been going just about every year now since my first visit. The next step is to figure out how to live there part time…

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    1. Yes – toward the end of January until the middle of February. The timing will be very nice. While everyone will be talking about how cold it is in Delhi with the 8 degree mornings, here in Toronto there will be days when the daytime high doesn’t go above -10 or colder. So it will feel great. That was definitely the case this last trip.


      1. I would love to. I hope someday to live for a couple of years somewhere in that hemisphere. It would make it so much easier to explore the world. Now it takes almost a full 24 hours to travel one way anywhere in that region. And then the first few days are spent being jet-lagged (and the same on return). If I lived in that area, doing a week-long vacation here or there to see interesting places would be easier since doing a 2-4 hour flight could take me so many different places.


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