Heading Out in One Week – Look Out, Montreal!


It’s almost that time again. Time for Daegan and I to get on our bikes and ride. This time we’ll be going to one of our favourite cities: Montreal. In 2012 we rode there by way of Ottawa. This time we’ll ride about 600 kilometres (Almost 375 miles) along Lake Ontario and then follow the St. Lawrence River for the rest of the way. We’ve got about six days of riding and then whatever else we decide to squeeze in before our train takes us back home on Canada Day, July 2nd. Watch for photos and entries from us along the way.  If you’re on Instagram, give me a follow here – there will likely be more photos along the way as well.

Departure will be on the 23rd or 24th of June. And if you’re in Montreal or somewhere in between, give a shout out – we’d love to say hi!

2 thoughts on “Heading Out in One Week – Look Out, Montreal!

    1. Thanks! I was out for a nice long ride yesterday afternoon and was getting really excited. There’s something lovely about being outdoors on a beautiful summer day that feels so good. Fingers crossed for good weather!

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