Graffiti Advice

After yesterday’s post about messages in graffiti I realized I had a whole bunch more to share. There is clearly a trend – at least in this city – among graffiti artists to provide positive messages. Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!

(All photos taken in Toronto unless otherwise noted)


Taken in Centralia, Pennsylvania
Taken in Mumbai, Maharashtra

7 thoughts on “Graffiti Advice

  1. Are u allowed graffiti everywhere. Here in singapore, u need a permission to do it. If not the ppl who did will be behind the bars. Kinda vandalism

    1. It’s technically not allowed. Some areas it is more frowned upon than others. The last one was clearly painted by some students at a school in Mumbai and was officially sanctioned. The one before last was on an abandoned roadway in Pennyslvania where an underground fire is burning underneath a town that has been evacuated.

      I’m not a fan of randomly painting people’s property – but some parts of town it happens anyway. And if it’s going to happen I’d rather it be artistic (there are lots of beautiful examples of that throughout the city) or uplifting than simply tagging with names – or worse, offensive words and phrases. So I’d rather it be clean but if it’s going to be defaced, at least let it have something good in the middle of it all.

      A lot of people now commission people to do artwork on their garage doors in laneways like this to prevent graffiti from being placed there. There are some rules within the graffiti community it seems – defacing someone else’s work – unless it’s really old – is considered really rude. So if you have a painting already on your garage, it will stay there.

      But yes, Singapore is well known for its cleanliness and strictness in situations like this. I can’t imagine what would happen to someone if they were caught doing this there!

  2. Hahha.. Dont u imagine. One will have three pats on the back that will remain forever like a squirrel.. Or a hefty fine with imprisonment

    1. That’s what I thought.

      I still remember the story from the 90’s where the American kid vandalized some people’s cars and got that punishment. There was so much outrage here in North America: “How can they do that! It’s so wrong!!” And I just kept thinking “You are a guest in someone else’s country. It is your duty to know what the rules are and to follow them. And if you choose not to follow them it’s on you to know what the consequences are.” But really in this case, it’s not confusing at all. He knew it was wrong – he just ended up having to pay more than he would have at home. Sometimes things are more costly when you travel 😉

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