Happy Morning Multitasking

I’ve started making a list at the beginning of the day of must-do items. These are the things that, should I finish them, I know I will feel I had a productive day. Yesterday I got a bit panicked at the end of the day, what with trying to figure out how to fit in 30 minutes of daily Hindi practice, a bike ride, making dinner and grocery shopping all after work. Sage and Daegan bailed me out, though, by going shopping together and then Daegan made dinner. But I can’t always count on them.

Today’s list also had 30 minutes of Hindi practice and a bike ride in it but today I did two things to avoid the afternoon panic:

  1. I started in the morning so it was done and out of the way early.
  2. I did a couple of my tasks at the same time.


Also: if you recognize the film, NO SPOILERS – I’m only 30 minutes in. I also already despise the dad.

And for my friends who don’t follow Hindi cinema as closely, here’s the trailer for the movie I’m watching in pieces as I exercise:

So far I’m really enjoy it but the relationship between the mom and dad and dad and daughter is really tough to watch.  I knew it was going to be good, though. I’m a huge fan of Aamir Khan.

I’m glad I discovered this approach to exercise. Finding a good movie means I am motivated to get back on the bike to see what happens next.  And choosing a Hindi movie means I get practice as well. I’m pretty happy with this arrangement.


5 thoughts on “Happy Morning Multitasking

    1. It really is a great movie. I’m about 1/2 way through now. I’m still maddened by the dad, though, and have to keep reminding myself he’s just an actor.

      1. Haha…I know….and those kind of characters are real. Whenever, I see these I remind myself to be grateful for many things that are more than perfect in my life.

      2. Oh for sure. I am sure why he affects me like that versus some cartoonish villain in an action film who is equally if not more terrible. This guy is not “Everyman” but he’s “FarTooManyMen”

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