Photo a Week Challenge: From Above

This week’s theme over at Nancy Merrill Photography is “From Above“. There is something special about the perspective that being above it all gives us – no matter where we are.

We start close to home – from outside our apartment window:

Last week we had a big storm come through at the end of the day. The clouds and fog made for a stunning sunset.
Being as high up as we are, we can watch the weather approach. Here comes a snow squall!
Our view in the middle of winter.
It isn’t often but sometimes we catch our cats looking out the window.

Let’s go a little further from home. In 2016, my work took me to Louisiana a lot. Over the course of the year I spent a total of more than three months there, commuting back home every 2-3 weeks for a break.

As you approach New Orleans, the Mississippi River gets pretty wide and you can see how it is still a lifeline of shipping for the country.
Especially in the southern part of Louisiana there are lots of swamps. Part of my trip from the airport to the hotel takes me on a nearly 15 mile trip through this swamp. The road is elevated on a bridge above the swamp. On one trip, I watched an alligator slowly cross the road in front of me.

I saw a lot of India from above as well.

On one outing near Mumbai I went to the Elephanta Caves, a nearly 1500 year old UNESCO World Heritage Site with amazing caves filled with carved images. This visit, in and of itself, deserves an entry of its own.
These pilgrims are having their heads shaved next to the Ganges river in Varanasi
I would often go to the rooftop of the guesthouse I stayed in there. Here we are above the monkeys who are above the city which is above the Ganges river.
Above the boats that take you out on the water. Looking at this photo I remember how hot it was down by the river even in late October.


8 thoughts on “Photo a Week Challenge: From Above

  1. Aww, the kitty one.

    We don’t have good windows at the current apartment, but we’re moving in a week and my cat is going to be so thrilled.

  2. Wonderful photos, Todd! I love watching storms move in, as long as I’m safe from the elements. 😉 Beautiful images from India. I hope to visit the someday soon. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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