Check In: We’re All OK

This morning I woke up to an email from a friend asking if we’re OK after a mass shooting just a few kilometres from our house. I was just in the area on Saturday. I saw in my Google feed that this is making news around the world, so I thought I would check in to let people know our family is fine.

It all feels a little strange and it’s sad to see this happening here. I can’t imagine what those affected must be feeling. It’s been a pretty rough year for our city in this respect.

10 thoughts on “Check In: We’re All OK

  1. Yes a lot of texts and emails this morning making sure everyone was ok… Even from a friend in Paris. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a loved one…

    1. I know – unimaginable. And it’s bad enough once but having more than one episode like this in a decade let alone a year is far too much.

  2. Thanx Todd, so glad you’re all ok, & very sad & sorry for those wounded & for the families & friends of the child & young adult who were killed. very close to home clearly. Jan

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