Tuesday Photo Challenge – Field

This week’s word, “Field” made me think of a few different things, all from previous bicycle trips.

There was that time I went on a business trip to Delta, BC and instead of renting a car, I brought a folding bike and commuted to work on bike paths. Much of that route was through stunningly beautiful farmland and there was lots of wildlife to be seen.

IMG_3610IMG_3646Wrong turn_3532098083_lWrong turn_3532098133_lBoundary Bay Path_3532915730_l

In 2008 I did my first 100 km bike ride, from Quebec City, over to L’Isle d’Orleans and circumnavigated it. The last 50 km were in to a brutal 60 km/hr headwind that was so hard I could only go in my lowest gear as if I were climbing a hill the whole way. Never was I so happy to see the bridge to the mainland that meant there would only be another 10-20 km to get back to the hotel I stayed in.


And finally, I’ll never forget the time on our 2017 summer bike trip when Google maps gave us really crazy directions and we ended up not on a road but an overgrown field. We persevered through it all and in the end were blessed with the opportunity to see God in the field.


Inspired by this week’s Dutch Goes the Photo! Tuesday Photo Challenge – Field.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Field

    1. Thanks so much! (Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, this comment somehow ended up in the spam folder. It seems to happen fairly often so I have to remember to check it every now and again)

    1. Thanks! This bike is pretty good and folds in half sideways so it seems very stable. It’s actually a full-sized one also – people are surprised to see that it folds, though I haven’t folded it in years.

      Daegan and I have ridden it probably 5-10,000 miles and so far no problems with unexpected folding.

      Someday I *would* like to get a small folder that I can more easily bring on business trips. This one required a special suitcase (that I no longer have) and it was actually oversized luggage. Not as practical as something that folds to something tiny. Some even can fit in a carryon!

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