Story: That Time My Friend Went to Prison

My friend Tracey Erin Smith is amazing on so many different fronts. She’s the organizer of the Soulo Festival – a festival of workshops and performances of one-person shows in Toronto. She created the show The Clergy Project which brought clergy from three different faiths on stage to tell their stories. She and her partner went out on the streets for days on end to help the homeless on some of last winter’s coldest days and inspired many of their friends to help as well either by giving them donations to bring on their travels or to actually join them in going out and helping people where they could.

Just recently, my friend found herself in a maximum security prison in the US. In a story she told at Sage’s High Stakes Storytelling show she shares the story of her time there and the connections she made with some of the inmates. It’s one of my favourite stories told on that show and Tracey is an amazing performer. Give it a watch.


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