Breakfast Adventures

Leaving the house was truly inspiring and left me with a fridge full of delicious ingredients that I need to use. This morning, after watching a bit of Masterchef Australia, another source of cooking inspiration (No spoilers, please! We’re half way through the finale!), I needed to take a break for food.

And so, with chaat on the brain from last night, I start in. I scramble a couple of eggs in a bowl and put a pan on with a bit of butter in it.


Then in to the pan go some onions and a bit of chaat masala.


It starts to smell really good in the kitchen once the onions start to turn clear. Then it’s time to pour in the scrambled egg mixture. On top of that I add a bit of fruit seasoning I found at a Mexican grocery nearby. I use it on nearly every egg dish I make. It is mostly flakes of chilli but with dehydrated lime in it as well. It’s quite delicious.



Once the eggs start to firm up a bit so the filling doesn’t get soaked and soggy with egg, I toss in some chickpeas and break up some chaat papri.


I let this cook for a minute or two and then fold the omelette over in half. I think I may have overstuffed this one a bit as some of it runs out. No matter, it adds to the decadence of the dish.

Once done, I put the omelette on a plate and top it with coriander chutney, yogurt, bhel puri sauce, a few more pieces of chaat papri and fresh coriander and serve with fruit and achaar.


The most important part, though, is the taste. I cut in to it and see how it is. It is delicious. The chaat papri inside softened a little so I’m glad I put more on top for crispness but it gave the interior some substance.


Clearly I need to pair up my food shopping trips with Masterchef Australia viewing sessions.

Though as I’m thinking of it now, perhaps I got a little subconscious inspiration from the food we got at Sanjay Restaurant – Egg Dee in Jaipur. One big difference is that today’s breakfast was enough for me while both Daegan and I struggled to eat half of the one in Jaipur

egg dee

8 thoughts on “Breakfast Adventures

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I have a tendency to make very simple, utilitarian breakfasts. Scrambled eggs and toast, for example, because I’m just cooking for myself. But I’m always happier when I make interesting food, even if I’m the only one eating it.

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