Which Way Photo Challenge: Crossing Lake Champlain

The Which Way Photo challenge, once hosted by Cee has moved on to a new host. (Thanks to Cee for coming up with the idea and hosting it for so long.) The idea is simple: Post a photo that has something to do with getting somewhere including but not limited to roads, tunnels, signs, walkways, paths, and several other ideas. The full list is in the original post here.

The word that jumped out at me was “Ferry” this week. Perhaps because I didn’t do a long bike ride this summer, but I instantly thought of last summer’s bike trip from Montreal, down through New York state, across Vermont, and then back north to Quebec and across to Montreal. To get from Plattsburgh, New York to Vermont we had to cross Lake Champlain. This required that we use two ferries. The first was a larger one that was designed for cars and bikes.


And then, after a short, and very beautiful ride across Grand Isle to a ferry that was for bikes and people only.


After raising the flag to signal we needed a ride, the ferry arrived.


It helped us across a short stretch and then we were back on the path bound for Burlington, Vermont.


If you want to read more about that six day journey including what we did when Google Maps directions led us in to the middle of an overgrown field and our visit to a library that is both in the US and Canada and serves people in both countries without the need for a passport, check out the Bicycle Travels page.




8 thoughts on “Which Way Photo Challenge: Crossing Lake Champlain

  1. that lake looks so tranquil. I visited a few lakes in Ontario and loved the peace and sound of the water. Your bike rise sounded strenuous but such fun. what a lovely way to signal the ferry reminds me of Anne of Green Gables kind of nostalgia.

  2. It was really a magical place. The whole day we rode was pretty amazing – particularly the little forest we went through just before the ferry – you can see it here: https://gooutsidetoday.com/2017/07/26/plattsburgh-vermont/

    Lake Champlain does have that Ontario lake feel, doesn’t it? The evergreen trees right up against the water like that. Vermont is a bit more mountainous than Ontario so the lakes there are especially beautiful. But then I’m probably a little biased as that’s the state I grew up in.

    Thanks for your comment!

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