Next Trip to India – and a Request

It’s happened, I’ve booked another trip to India next year and this time Sage will be coming along. Of course I have a few extra plans in the works. For literally decades, I’ve been dreaming of going on a bicycle tour within India. That idea even played a small part in my learning to speak Hindi.


And so, the time has likely come to load this bike and its panniers in to a box, put it in the belly of a jet and take it to India. Sage and I will spend a lot of time together, but a portion of the trip I will spend on my own, navigating from city to city. The route is as-yet undetermined but will probably be in the 1000-2000 kilometre range and if I can swing the time off, I will hopefully manage to extend things to just after Holi (I missed it last year).

This time I’ll hopefully be writing not only for myself, but pitching it to media outlets both in Canada and in India as well. I’d love to have the opportunity to share my taking my dream trip with a larger audience.

With that in mind – this is all new to me and if anyone has any good resources or references for pitching articles and the like, I’d love to see them, particularly in India. Meanwhile, don’t worry. You’ll be able to read about it one way or another!

I guess I’d better start reading this again!

16 thoughts on “Next Trip to India – and a Request

    1. I definitely will – planning is the most fun part for me. I suspect it will go through several iterations before it gets to its final form as friends say “Hey, have you thought of seeing ______?” or ask me to stop by.

      I’ve not done Holi before “full scale” but I’d like to try. When Daegan and I were in Delhi last we foolishly had booked our flights for two days before Holi but our friends who hosted us played a little early which was great fun. One of my favourite travel videos is actually of this one American travelling by bicycle from Delhi to Agra on Holi and he’s having an amazing time. If I weren’t already sold on the idea of a long trip there, I would have been afterward.

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  1. great to now. am sure you wont know what to do when and you’ll want to keep your plans as comfortable as you may want. even so, you may ping me when in delhi. it’ll be great to connect over a short meal 🙂


  2. Wow.. this is great news. Welcome to India. Is Mumbai on your trip. If yes, then do let me know.
    Bike trip is a great idea by the way. Have you picked a few places yet?
    You have picked a good time to visit as it will be around the spring season and weather will be mostly warm and pleasant.
    As for Holi… that is a very good decision to be a part of this festival and witness it. Even though I haven’t witnessed it but have heard many suggesting that ‘Barsane ki Holi’ is worth watching.

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    1. Still deciding but may have narrowed it way down to some day trips around Rajasthan for this trip. Have to get work stuff sorted. No plans for Mumbai this trip but do want to go there with Sage as there’s a bit of a storytelling scene there. We almost certainly will make another trip though and I think she would particularly appreciate it there. Ok except the weather. I love the heat but she doesn’t so much. Once it gets above, say, 24 she finds it uncomfortable.

      Will definitely check out Barsane ki Holi. Thanks for the diggesy!

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