When Stressed: Visit The Temple

It’s been a stressful couple of months here. Earlier in the summer, Sage mysteriously lost 60% of her hearing in one ear. Apparently it is quite a common occurrence and nothing can be done for it. Not only that, in most cases nobody ever figures out the cause. One day you wake up (or maybe it just happens in mid-day) and you lose some or all of your hearing in one ear.

Just over two weeks ago we had friends over and were all playing games. At one point we went around the table answering questions. One came up: “What big risk would you take if you dared?” When it got to me, I said “I’d quit my job, become an independent consultant and work toward travelling more, becoming a travel writer, and a digital nomad. After all, much of my work is currently done from home. Who says it has to be done in Toronto all the time?”

The next day, it was announced that my company is eliminating my entire department. How’s that for timing?  I’ll have a job until the end of the year but after that it’s up in the air as to what will happen next. Well, I know one thing that will happen next: I will be spending some time in India. But what happens after that’s the next big question. I’m going to be looking at various options – hopefully with more time for travel and writing but I’m still nailing down details.

On top of that there have been a few other personal issues that have come up over the past few weeks that have made things even further stressful. It’s all under control and working toward resolution now but it’s been a rapid fire bit of stress after stress that disrupted all of my routines. I’m working toward re-establishing them including writing here.

One thing I remembered in the midst of all of this stress is that people often suggest going to your house of worship when you’re feeling stressed or sad. In the middle of all of this chaos, I found time to go to mine.

reference library.jpg

The Toronto Reference Library: the closest thing to a house of worship that I know. It was the best choice I could have made.

15 thoughts on “When Stressed: Visit The Temple

  1. I have always seen libraries as retreats. I have emotionally sheltered in them more times than I can count. I look forward to where your lives take you. Thanks for letting Sage post her travels.

  2. Oh wow! Yeah, your next steps is definitely something you need to think about. I’ve been going to my school library twice a week to study. You would like it other than the young ones making so much noise!

    1. It depends. Some of our libraries can be noisy also. Especially our neighborhood one. As long as it is happy noise I am usually happy to know kids are there and enjoying it.

  3. Oh, Todd, I’m sorry they’re eliminating your department. I know you’ll find something else to do though. Maybe your dreams of becoming a travel writer will come true. 🙂 Also, my heart goes out to Sage– losing 60% of hearing does not sound easy.

    1. Thanks. I’m pretty excited about what comes next even as the uncertainty makes me nervous.

      Losing your hearing suddenly sounds really hard to me also. Sage is doing well and learning ways to deal with it so it is much better than the first few weeks for sure. The weird thing is how common this condition is. I never heard of it but found lots of info about it online and when she started telling others we know so many of them either experienced it themselves or knew someone who had.

  4. Todd, I just sent you a message through Instagram as I didn’t see you in a while. Now this post explains it all. I always believe that whatever happens is always for the best though at the present moment it may not appear to be so. Also, I too wish to do the same Just travel and write, nothing more. I am surprised to hear about Sage, didn’t know such a thing can happen too. I hope to see you when you are in Bangalore.

    1. Thanks – I’m also sure it will. The uncertainty that makes me a little worried at the moment is also the same uncertainty that feels exciting, interesting, and makes me want to know what happens next! The nice thing is that I will have sufficient time to figure things out and make informed decisions.

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