Friday Favourites Challenge – My Home Town

The thing I find most interesting in travel is not the tourist sites, or even the historical sites. What I love most about visiting other places is finding out what people who live there love about where they live.

I’d love to do nothing but travel everywhere – around the world to the cities you all call home. But when I go there, the thing I want to see is this: What do you love most about living there? Where do you go in your city that makes you glad you live there? It might coincidentally be a site that is interesting to tourists but it might also be something mundane like a market or park in your park that you find special. Or it may even be a person or people that makes living where you are a joy.

My readers already know where I would take you. It would be to a library.  There are so many great free libraries in this city that I feel they are literally a national treasure.

I haven’t shared this library with you yet but it’ll be in an upcoming entry for sure.

So this week’s challenge is this: What would you show me about where you live that makes you glad you live there? Show me in a photo, write about it in text, draw it, create a poem about it. Any way you want to express it is fine, just show me what you love.

  • Tag your post with the tag: FridayFavourites
  • Link to this page to create a pingback (it may take bit of time for me to approve the pingbacks – especially if you live in a timezone where you’re wide awake while I’m asleep)
  • If you can’t make a pingback or would prefer to provide a link as a comment, by all means, leave a comment with a link below.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites Challenge – My Home Town

  1. Love this idea! Wondering how in the world I had missed this. Will try to join in this week but if not, I’ll all in for next Friday. 😉

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