Happy Diwali


Up until 2016 I didn’t know much about Diwali, and I’ve still a lot to learn. The first time I was really aware of it being Diwali was on my first trip to India back in 2016. The story starts on a different calendar day than today, but the same holiday date as today is: Chhoti Diwali.  Whatever I may have previously thought, my Diwali experience was nothing like what I expected.

Read the rest here and if you are celebrating Diwali, happy Diwali to you and your family!


20 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

    1. Thank you so much! It was a beautiful time. That particular diya was on a dark side street in Varanasi. Shining out in the darkness like that, it was so beautiful.

  1. What an absolute Golden Piece! Loved reading this! Happy diwali to all the Hindus celebrating. Pakistan experiences a lot of its colors due to the Hindu Community here. I specifically love this religious festival! Its so beautiful and peaceful.

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