Enjoying Daegan’s Photos

I’m really happy and proud that Daegan has decided to really pursue photography in university and as an eventual career. I love the photos he takes. There’s always a story in them. You can see some of them at Instagram and 500px. If you like them, be sure to comment and tell him. We’re always bugging him to post more photos and he so rarely does.

One of the things I’m most happy about is that he’s able to capture photos of me in a way that feels very much like me. Generally when I see myself in photos, I tend to cringe a little. It is clearly a photo of me, but it captures me in a way that I feel doesn’t quite show who I am. That’s not true with photos like these:


featuredBut there’s another side to Daegan’s photography. As a visual storyteller, he can play with light, location, and costume to make something entirely different as he did when he had me take some photos to for his homework when we were on our long walk in the woods.

head shotfiretracksThe story he suggests with these photos of me is interesting, but I’m not sure I’d want to read it when I’m home alone…

(Of course, all photos copyright 2018 by Daegan K. Lunsford, used with permission)

13 thoughts on “Enjoying Daegan’s Photos

  1. I loved the photos here and on the two sites you referenced. I spent my professional life teaching literature at an independent art college and still miss being surrounded by the talent of young people such as your son. Encourage him. Encourage him. He has the eye.

    1. I passed this on to him. He was very happy. It’s one thing to hear this sort of thing from your family, but something entirely different to hear it from someone you don’t know. Thanks. That means a lot!

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