First Snow

I struggle some with winter as some of you know. I feel trapped inside by the cold and snow and spend most of winter wishing that it were not winter. I hate to admit it but sometimes I can feel pretty sorry for myself and basically check out of outdoor life for several months – much to the detriment of my well being, I’m sure.

Take this photo, for example. I was outside on Friday on my way to see a movie. It was 2 degrees outside and windy. At the time I took it, it had just started to steadily drizzle. And you can see my whole attitude on my face:


(I sent this to my Hindi teacher – it says “Rain is falling…”)

When I got out of the movie, a few flakes were starting to fall. As a kid we called it “Spitting snow” – meaning it was barely snowing – a flake here, a flake there. Nothing steady but it was certainly a reminder of the fact that soon it will be full-on winter and I was preemptively sad.  This year, though, I really want to change my attitude that and am trying really hard to make it outdoors every day to do something. It doesn’t have to be an epic 3 hour hike or 6 hour bike ride. Just go outside, breathe the fresh air (it’s often cleaner in the winter), feel the freshness on my face and enjoy the beauty.

Today I got a bit of encouragement in the form of a video. This video is of refugee children from Eritrea experiencing their first snowfall – likely within a few short hours of my photo above. If there’s any illustration that one’s attitude about winter is a personal choice and that there’s hope for me to change my attitude yet, it’s this one.

How about you? What are your feelings about winter? Do you even have a snowy/cold winter where you live? If not, are there seasons you particularly love or that you despise? How do you deal with it?


17 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. For me, I love the idea of winter, snow and crisp mornings, but in truth it’s dark, cold and simply wet. This has a tendency to bring my mood right down. I absolutely have to get out each and every day otherwise slowly but surely my attitude starts to sink down. Ultimately we plan to spend the majority of the year in the Mediterranean as both my husband and I love the heat and the sun. It just makes us feel marvellous! By the way, I LOVE your glasses. I lost mine in a field last summer in France and I haven’t been able to find a similar pair since. Yours are great!

    1. Thank you so much! The same is true for me, I think. Those winters I’m more physically active (indoors or out) I feel better than when I’m indoors and inactive.

      Like you, I’ll be heading for a warmer place – we’ll be in India in Jan/Feb. I’m very excited about that though admittedly, the weather is only a small part.

      Thanks for the compliments on my glasses. After a childhood and teen years where I wore only the most boring plastic, and sometimes metal frames, being able to be a bit more daring is fun. I think if I dared, I would be that way with all of my fashion choices. I’m gradually heading in that direction anyway.

      1. India is going to be so exciting – I’m thrilled for you! And yes, outdoors activity is the best for me too. It’s just so much better than being inside with central heating on and breathing the same air. I do wonder rather strangely I know, whether this all stems from historically as human beings we were always outside facing the elements. If that is our natural state to live in, then perhaps that’s why we’re better out there in the fresh air … don’t know but just a thought! And yes, loving the glasses! Katie

    1. I have to admit I’m pretty good at it. I *can* skate but I haven’t often done it. When I was a kid I would go sledding all the time. As for skiing – when I was old enough to start getting interested in it we never had the money to try so I never got a taste for it.

  2. We have lo…ng summer and short winter, so winter is my favorite season. But I could not enjoy the biting cold nights in Tokyo during our visit in the month of December.

    1. I really love visiting India in the winter. Being there in February was like being back here in June – one of my favourite months. Even when people think it’s cold – 8C, for example, it’s still 20 degrees warmer than home.

      I’m sure summer is a very different story. For sure, Sage would feel about summer there like I feel about winter here and from what I hear, even I who loves hot weather, might get sick of summer eventually. I’d still love to have the chance to try!

  3. I feel exactly the same way about winter. It’s not something i enjoy at all. Being born and brought up in a hill station, which also houses the place with the highest rainfall in the world – I find nothing romantic about cold and rain. The one thing that I like is spending quality time with family and friends while remaining warm indoors, but that can keep you engaged just for a few days.
    Though the first time I experienced snowfall it was simply magical. I was in North Carolina and I enjoyed it. Once it snowed for the entire day while on a trek. The initial excitement died down and we were literally miserable for the rest of the day. For me, there should be sun come what may…..even with snow on the ground I am happy if the sun is up 🙂
    However, with literally no winter in south India, I tend to miss it too. 😀

    1. Oh wow – cold rain is my least favourite thing. Even if it is much colder and snowing I’m happier because my clothes stay dry and I can stay warm.

      How lucky is it that you were able to experience snow in North Carolina – it’s relatively uncommon there. We from the north always laugh at how unprepared and inexperienced with it they all are. And then people from more snowy places than Toronto make fun of us for how we complain about the snow we get.

      I think I would also miss it if I were to move there year round. Having a month or two of snow would be great. Then it can go back to 25C. 🙂

      In the end I’m sure I can find a way to like it better or even enjoy it. It may just be a matter of buying even more clothes so that I’m not always wanting to escape from the cold the minute I walk out the door!

      1. Yes I was lucky in NC. My colleagues were telling me and it was also my first US visit. And Central Park in NY was like a fairy tale. I think I should write about it.

      2. Absolutely. I really hope you do! I particularly like your take on travel writing so it would be especially interesting to see my own country – and places I’ve actually been described by you. There is something really special about seeing where you live through new eyes.

  4. When I lived in Minnesota, I hated the winter and was pretty much the same as you about it (if not worse) but now here in Vegas, I am welcoming it with open arms!

  5. After 50 years in a maritime climate, I am still adjusting to New England winters. I am not going to join the exodus to Florida, however. I love it here and am glad that the town and state are so skilled at handling snowfall.

    1. That helps a lot. I feel the same way. I won’t be moving from here. It’s a good place. But I might occasionally get away in the winter to somewhere warm.

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