Twenty Years in One Photo

Just after Daegan was born we took a photo of three of us in our kitchen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Ten years after that, having moved to a yurt and then to the desert southwest and then immigrated to Canada, we recreated the photo the best we could in the highrise apartment we had moved to. Now ten years later, Sage has become a storyteller, Daegan went from being homeschooled to high school and now to university. 

And as for me, in the first photo I was just about to quit my job, change my life to be more in line with my dreams and work as a freelance consultant. In the second I was back as a normal full time employee. And now, I am once again 43 days away from going back to being a freelance consultant, aiming to align my working life with my own hopes and dreams. We’ve come full circle.

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