Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge Week 14

I don’t think I’ve participated in this challenge before and it’s been going on for fourteen weeks now. I’m not sure how I missed it but I’m happy someone led me to Xingfumama’s post. The principle is simple: post a photo of where you might sit or art about sitting. I have a couple of contributions this week:

Quebec is one of my favourite places in the world for a lot of reasons. The language is pretty (though my French is very limited), the food is good, and the cycling. Oh the cycling is among the best in North America. There are thousands of kilometres of infrastructure, much of it fully separated. This results in a great number of people of all ages traveling by bicycle.

I was lucky enough to live there for almost a year and once it warmed up enough for the huge quantity of snow that fell that winter to clear from the roads, off I would go on rides of 50, 60, or even 100 kilometres. I never needed to bring food as there were many places to stop like this place. It’s name gives a clue as to who they’re catering to: “vélo” means “Bicycle” in French. So this is a “bicycle oasis”. They are advertised as a bar laitier and casse-croûte – a dairy bar and snack bar: The perfect thing for cyclists. While many like to have an ice cream on a hot day of cycling, I’m just as happy to eat another speciality you’ll find in a casse-croûte in Quebec: Poutine. There is nothing like a pile of french fries with gravy and cheese curds to fuel a long ride.

One of the great things about doing a lot of technical writing is that I really only need to have a flat surface to write on and a relatively quiet place to do it. And so, one day some time ago, I decided to work in Dufferin Grove Park (also visited when I went to the Bloor Gladstone Branch of the Toronto Public Library) During the day it is very quiet and comfortable and there’s even free WiFi available. It’s hard to beat the view from this office.

7 thoughts on “Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge Week 14

  1. Fun idea to reflect on good places to sit. Took my daughter and granddaughter to an open house at our library today for the Maker Space room. We will be back to try out the various 3D machines. Too fun.

      1. They look fascinating. They have a little display of things people have made. We looked at a finished item that appeared to be a light cover that someone had printed.

  2. Great post,thanks for joining in. I may use your description of Quebec to try and lure my stay at home bicycle enthusiast husband to go to Quebec…that poutine looks like a lure as well.

    1. Excellent! Show him this site – for touring there are few better places to go than Quebec. Great infrastructure and lots of restaurants and accommodations along the way.

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