Pull Up A Seat Challenge #15: Playing in the Street

Over the years there have been a number of “interventions” done in Toronto in the name of public space. There have been “Parking Meter Parties” on car free day where people pay the meter at a parking space and then, instead of putting a car there, put something fun: grass, lawn chairs, some music, a BBQ grill. Other times people have staged improptu parades of bikes, pedestrians, or a mix with no organization, just an idea to meet in one spot.

One day a few years ago, Daegan and I went to one of these events. The city was refurbishing some streetcar tracks and had closed all but one lane of a street. And so a local public space advocacy organization decided to use that blocked off space as public space. There were performers and art installations including this one.

Ten years ago I let my son play in the street…

A piano was placed in the street with a chair set up for someone to spend time playing a bit of music. Later that day, a more organized band made an appearance.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and eventually the police came and asked us all to leave. After all, while it was completely safe, we were operating in a bit of a legal grey area. It was fun while it lasted.

One of the songs played that day…

Inspired by this week’s Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge.

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