Daily Square Challenge: Highrise

On a cold January night Sage, Daegan, and our four cats arrived at our new home in Canada in a high rise apartment in Thorncliffe Park, a semi-circular neighbourhood in the eastern part of Toronto. The neighbourhood is built on what was once a horse race track. In what was once the centre of the track is now a shopping mall, school, park, library and some low-rise apartments (4-6 stories). On the other side of the semi-circular road that goes around the neighbourhood are much larger highrises in the 12-44 storey range.

We pulled our car in the driveway, and walked to the lobby. I looked up and saw the view below:

At that moment I got dizzy – not just from the vertigo of looking at such a tall building, but also from a flashback. I remembered dreaming of just this view when I was in my early teens. I’m generally very much a skeptic, but sometimes, particularly when it comes to dreams, there are things that make me wonder. And this is one of them. How did this place seem so very familiar?

We moved away from that apartment in 2009 but loved it so much we moved back in 2017. I doubt we’ll leave again. This neighbourhood just feels too much like home to leave again.

Inspired by the “Are you Square” challenge at The Life of B. For the rest of this year I’m going to be participating in a photo challenge with an additional restriction. For this time period I won’t be using any old photos from my archives, I’ll be going out in the world to take new ones.

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