Improv Workshop with Sage in Bangalore

I’m really excited to share some news. While we’re in India Sage will be doing a little teaching. The first one to announce is in Bangalore where she’ll be offering a workshop through Improv Comedy Bangalore. Day one will be about the art of storytelling. The second day will be teaching one of my favourite improv formats: Armando.

The concept behind Armando is really simple. A single person goes up on stage and gets a suggestion from the audience – often in the form of a single word that is meant to inspire them about a short true story. So, for example, if the word is “Lemon” the person may think “Lemon reminds me of lemonade.” and then tell a short story about that time they had a lemonade stand with their best friend as a kid. They spend a few minutes telling this short story and then they leave the stage.

Once they leave the stage, a group of improvisers takes their place. They use various details from the story to create their own scenes. For example, the storyteller might provide a true detail in the story about when a neighbour complained that they were not supposed to have a lemonade stand on their street. The improvisers may take that detail, heighten it a little, and create a scene about a whole division in the police force devoted to shutting down “illegal operations” run by schoolchildren: lemonade stands, kids playing marbles (gambling!), and tutoring younger children (operating unauthorized educational organizations). After a few scenes, the improviser may get up on stage again and tell another short story that gives the improvisers more details to play with.

It’s a really fun format – very entertaining to watch. I’ve been lucky enough to even have seen parts of my own life re-interpreted by improvisers – seeing what parts of Sage’s stories about us and both her and our lives stick out in their minds

If you’re in Bangalore, I recommend this workshop – and of course would love to see you as well.

12 thoughts on “Improv Workshop with Sage in Bangalore

    1. It’s really exciting. I’m also excited to see some improv from another city. Each city’s improv has a unique flavour so this should be interesting.

      I hope you get to take one of her workshops – they’re really fun!

      1. Is your son coming too? Has Sage been to India before? I look forward to reactions from both of you on your trip. Photos too please. Any plans to visit any libraries? That would be fascinating.

  1. Sounds interesting! I keep wondering what’s your Indian connection as you write in Hindi as well 🤔🤔 If it’s already mentioned in some writing of yours please share the link. Just curious…

    1. I came to it from a sort of roundabout way. A lot is covered in my story about how I started to learn Hindi. (link at end of the comment). After a couple of visits I now have several good friends in various places there so it’s nice to go visit them. The more Hindi I learn the more fun it is to go visit and practice as well. And of course as you know there’s so much variety in nearly any way you can imagine (culture, religion, climate, food, terrain, history…). If I drive 500 km from Toronto in any direction (except, toward Quebec), the language stays the same, the terrain is almost the same, the weather is the same, and the food is the same. If I travel the same difference in India I may travel through 2-3 completely different places. And I think one of the biggest things is how little I know despite visiting a few times now. I learn so much on so many subjects every time I go. And in some cases, for example when it comes to a city like Delhi, I read a book, learn a little, go there and learn more that I want to research in a book so then I go home and read and find more I want to see.


      1. Thanks a ton for the prompt response! Totally agree with your views on diversity in India. You can find a part of it in Toronto 🙃 Have a great trip!
        Will read the link shortly…

      2. Absolutely – definitely in terms of culture and food this is an incredible city to live in. Going to all of the libraries in the city is really illustrating this well.

    1. Thanks! It truly is a fun way to learn. And really, when you are able to find a fun way to learn the content often sticks with you better because you’re so much more invested.

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