CB&W Photo Challenge: Made by Humans: Panna Meena Ka Kund

For most of this month so far I’ve been in India, turning the bulk of the writing over to Sage to take you along on our journey.

On my last trip to Jaipur in February 2018, I had intended to see Panna Meena Ka Kund, a very striking stepwell I had seen originally on The Amazing Race Australia. It’s a beautiful space whose simple geometric symmetry makes my mind happy to look at it.

While in 2018, we never made it, this year I wanted to go so Sage and I asked Shahid, our auto driver to take us there. (if you’re visiting Jaipur in the future, definitely get in touch with him!) While it looks very close to the Amer fort on the map, we had to navigate a bunch of increasingly small streets to find our way to the actual stepwell.

Unlike the Amer fort which sees hundreds or of tourists a day, this space was nearly empty with a few here and there wandering the area so we mostly had the space to ourselves. It appears that walking in to the well is now prohibited so we stayed around the top. Oddly enough, even the dogs in the area seemed to respect this rule.

I was curious about the history of the place and so, of course, I went looking to Arv! to help me find out. It appears to be about 500 years old though there is much that is really not known about when it was built or even where it got its name. Later that same week I met Arv and he told me of what sounds like an excellent tour that talks about how water gets from this area all the way up to the Amer fort far above this spot. In these days of municipal water piped directly to our houses it is hard to imagine how so much water – enough to take care of the many people who lived and worked in the Amer fort – made it so far and up such a large hill every day of the year.

There are a few other places in the area to visit and just walking around is a wonderful experience. I recommend stopping by especially if you’re already in the area to visit the Amer fort.

Inspired by this week’s Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: “Made by Humans

14 thoughts on “CB&W Photo Challenge: Made by Humans: Panna Meena Ka Kund

    1. There is something particularly special for me about step wells. I think it is the combination of beauty and utility – and of course with any historical spot I get wrapped up in imagining what it was like centuries ago.

      1. Totally. I think that very thing every time I go to Jantar Mantar. We can barely do the simplest of calculations without a computer but there they were in the early 1700’s, doing it all by hand to such a huge degree of accuracy. Pretty amazing.

    1. I am, thanks. It took a few days of rest but in the end I am 100% better. In the end I am pretty certain it was the flu. I got the vaccine this year as I do most years, but it could’ve been another strain or maybe just less severe thanks to the effects of the vaccine. Whatever the reason, it was good to rest and I was well taken care of and even got to have a great wander on my last day there.

      1. And now it’s confirmed, I think. Sage has the same thing but a bit worse. Glad it waited until we got back home to hit.

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