Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wonder – Bagru Village

Today’s challenge from Dutch Goes the Photo is “Wonder“. I’m not usually one to take a challenge quite so literally but sometimes the opportunity just presents itself.

Back in January I was in Bagru village in Rajasthan researching an article I’ll be writing when my friend and I made a brief stop at the edge of town. There a bunch of clothes were drying in the sun. I loved the scene – the brightly coloured clothes, the cow in the distance looking on and the huge message of “Wonder”. The wonder of this spot, this village, this trip, this moment. Or is it a reminder of how we can approach life. I’ll let you decide.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wonder – Bagru Village

    1. Thanks! I wondered! 😉

      It is interesting to note the number of cement ads all over India. I have never seen one in North America. It must be an indicator of how much construction and development is happening there.

      1. Yes, you are right. Also, in a country where literacy levels are low, this is cheapest and most effective form of advertising.

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