Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge 2019-Week 13

It’s been a while since I’ve done XingfuMama’s Pull Up A Seat challenge but today I was inspired to play. The challenge is simple: share a photo of places we sit, might sit or art about sitting.

Up until I was about 40 I would get a hair cut wherever I happened to be when I thought “I can’t stand it – my hair is too long!” which meant I got a lot of haircuts at malls and shopping centres. I don’t have a particularly complicated hairstyle so it didn’t make a lot of difference.

When we moved to the west end, though, Sage took Daegan to a barber who did such a good job that they told me I should go. And so it was that I started to go to Tony. He gives a great hair cut right down to the old school straight-edge razor shave with hot shaving cream at the end. It takes a little longer, and sometimes there’s a wait but there’s so much attention to detail it’s worth it. I always come out looking great.

Since we met him almost ten years ago he has moved to a few different locations but is still near the west end – and we both get all of our haircuts there. No more spontaneous haircuts at the mall for me.

Which reminds me. My hair’s getting long and shaggy again. Time to pay Tony a visit again soon.

5 thoughts on “Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge 2019-Week 13

    1. So true! Even if he moves to another location it could be a challenge. He’s moved a couple of times and we were lucky to find where he’d gone to.

      1. When I was living in South Africa, I found a great hairdresser and was so happy until he had an accident and injured his arm badly. He never came back to that salon and I heard he’d moved to New York to start a chain of salons in the USA. I’ve never enjoyed having my hair done since then. 😰

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