Everywhere (A to Z Blog Challenge – “E” – April 2019)

“E” makes me think of “Everywhere” which, in a great illustration of my advanced age makes me think of “Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band whose chorus is:
Signs signs
Everywhere there’s signs
Blockin’ Out the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don’t do that
Can’t you read the sign

And if we’re talking about signs, this leads me to the Which Way Photo Challenge for this week over at sonofabeach96.com. The challenge invites sharing of all modes of travel, vehicles, roads, etc, as well as signs of all sorts. Here are a few that spoke to me this week.

This entry is part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge for April 2019. Click here for more info.

8 thoughts on “Everywhere (A to Z Blog Challenge – “E” – April 2019)

  1. Years ago when I was in Chinatown in San Francisco I saw Xing School on the street and remarked that it was a great name for a school. My mom had to tell me it meant crossing!

    1. That’s pretty funny. I think Daegan would have had a different impression when he was young. Sage and I learned to censor our profanity when he was little. So f*** became farn (as in F……arn – a quick change mid-word to Darn). Not long after that “Exing” came in to our family vernacular. As in: “Who left the exing door open? It’s really cold in here now!” or “What the exing ex was that sound?!?!”

      1. My daughter’s favorite joke as a four year old was “what starts with f and ends with uck?” Fire truck. It got us every time.

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