Grizzly (A to Z Blog Challenge – “G” – April 2019)

I’m not entirely sure why but after my last day of work before leaving to move to a yurt and start life as a full time parent, I quit cutting my hair. On that same day I threw away my razor and shaving cream. In some ways it felt as if, just as one puts on a white shirt and tie to go to the office, I was putting on the uniform I needed to go live in the woods without electricity, plumbing, or a job.

Me, on my last day of work, twelve hours before I threw out my razor.

It didn’t take long before I looked pretty shaggy. My hair was annoyingly long and always in my eyes and my beard itched like crazy.

But after a few weeks it got long enough that it wasn’t too annoying

All three of us – the entire un-assembled yurt is in the back of the truck behind us.

After a few months my hair was long enough that it was fully out of my face.

On the other hand, I found myself in a new situation. People looked at me in a whole new way. One day, not long before we left the yurt, a couple of guys delivered an order of firewood to us. Together we unloaded their truck and stacked a cord of wood. At the end the driver turned to me and said “OK now – where’s your pipe?”

“What?” I asked.

“You know, where’s your pipe. We finished the job and now we’re going to smoke up a bit.”

As someone who never owned a pipe, rolling papers, or a bong, I realized then that I was wearing the wrong uniform and soon after found my way back to the much less grizzly look I have today.

This entry is part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge for April 2019. Click here for more info.

2 thoughts on “Grizzly (A to Z Blog Challenge – “G” – April 2019)

  1. Hahaha that’s so funny. I love how they just assumed you smoked. 😂

    When I was a teenager, a lot of the kids who smoked weed with me would make fun of me & say “I didn’t think you’d be a smoker!” until I pierced my septum. All of a sudden, everyone I met said “I KNEW you’d be a smoker” lol. Crazy how something so simple completely changed how people saw us.

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