Flights Booked – and a New Destination

Work has been incredibly busy and promises to get busier still in 2020 and so I have accelerated the implementation of my 50th birthday plans by almost a year. On November 30 I’ll be leaving for another big adventure.

It will start with a flight to India again but I turned my 9 hour layover in to a 6 day one. In Ethiopia! I’ve never been and know little about it but am so excited. If any of you have been please pass on your recommendations.

Then on December 6 I arrive in Delhi and the image below should be a clue as to my plans:

Yes, I am finally doing the trip I planned for years. I will likely buy a bike in either Delhi or Jaipur and set out from wherever I buy it. I will ride for a couple of weeks on a route to be determined. Then I will store my bike for next time. Then it is off to Raipur again and then for my first trip to Gujarat where I will spend about a week as well. After that, I will slowly make my way back to Delhi to fly home on January 4. All told I will be traveling for five weeks. Maybe I’ll see some of you along the way!

7 thoughts on “Flights Booked – and a New Destination

  1. Very exciting. Is either family member going too? Sounds excellent. After I turned 50 we moved across the country and took new jobs, new house, new everything.

    1. Not this time. Daegan will be in school until the 14th. Sage doesn’t feel comfortable cycling even here so traffic there will be a no go. And after that there is something really exciting potentially coming up for her that at the moment I am sworn to secrecy about but will reveal if and when it is time.

    1. I think so. Fingers crossed as I do have a few knee issues to work out with the physiotherapist beforehand and only a few weeks to do it in.

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