Flights Booked – and a New Destination

Work has been incredibly busy and promises to get busier still in 2020 and so I have accelerated the implementation of my 50th birthday plans by almost a year. On November 30 I’ll be leaving for another big adventure.

It will start with a flight to India again but I turned my 9 hour layover in to a 6 day one. In Ethiopia! I’ve never been and know little about it but am so excited. If any of you have been please pass on your recommendations.

Then on December 6 I arrive in Delhi and the image below should be a clue as to my plans:

Yes, I am finally doing the trip I planned for years. I will likely buy a bike in either Delhi or Jaipur and set out from wherever I buy it. I will ride for a couple of weeks on a route to be determined. Then I will store my bike for next time. Then it is off to Raipur again and then for my first trip to Gujarat where I will spend about a week as well. After that, I will slowly make my way back to Delhi to fly home on January 4. All told I will be traveling for five weeks. Maybe I’ll see some of you along the way!

7 thoughts on “Flights Booked – and a New Destination

    1. Not this time. Daegan will be in school until the 14th. Sage doesn’t feel comfortable cycling even here so traffic there will be a no go. And after that there is something really exciting potentially coming up for her that at the moment I am sworn to secrecy about but will reveal if and when it is time.

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