Happy Autumn from the Tower

As so often seems to be the case, autumn came as if someone flipped a switch. One day it is lovely and warm and now the mornings are cool. Soon the wind will blow all of the leaves down and it will be dull and grey. It may be one of my favourite seasons but I’m not looking forward to what comes next.

How about you? Do you like autumn or even winter? What does autumn look like where you are. Send a link in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Happy Autumn from the Tower

    1. Ha! Good point. My recollection is that the weather there is starting to get pleasant, yes? Still warm but not hot or particularly rainy, yes? When I was there for Diwali 2016 I felt like the weather was perfect for me. Here, yesterday it was 6 degrees but felt like below zero and really damp and windy. A great day to stay indoors.

      1. Ah that’s the key then. Humidity is uncomfortable but I can live with it. Cold just makes me want to escape indoors.

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