Video: A Visit to Jhunjhunu – and a Surprise…

Thanks to Jerry Choudhary who hosted me in his village I don’t just have great memories of visiting rural Rajasthan, I have videos. In this latest video, you can see some of my time in the village, my trip to Jhunjhunun and a beautiful surprise there.

For my English-speaking friends, this video is mostly in Hindi though there is some English as well. I think you’ll be able to follow it well enough though.

And of course if you like this video, like and subscribe to Jerry’s channel. He creates really good and interesting content.

7 thoughts on “Video: A Visit to Jhunjhunu – and a Surprise…

    1. It really was a lovely surprise – and *completely* unexpected. And all pulled together somehow magically because we spent most of the day doing sightseeing things and visiting family!

      On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 3:14 PM Go Outside Today wrote:


    1. Thanks! It was a pretty great city though everyone I talked to who knows it also says “Oh no! The weather is so cold there!”

      Fun place names make me happy as well. A few years back Daegan and I cycled through St. Louis du Ha! Ha!, Quebec – the only place name I ever saw with not just one but two exclamation points in the name.

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