Video: A Surprise at the Bonfire

On my last day in the village in Rajasthan, Jerry and I had a lovely walk in the cold and then a small bonfire that was crashed by surprise guests! Luckily the camera was running so you can see…

I was so happy to hear from Jerry today – he had tried to get in touch last week when he was in the village. As it turns out his grandmother wanted to talk to me to see how I was doing. I’ve been feeling post-trip letdown and missing all my friends in India so knowing they were wanting to talk made my heart glad. As you might remember, I really enjoyed spending time with his grandmother as well. So we plan to arrange a video call sometime in March. I’m really looking forward to it – and perhaps they can meet the rest of my family now.

10 thoughts on “Video: A Surprise at the Bonfire

    1. Yes – it was such a good time – and much of what he’s saying relates to what’s happening in the video – just a few extra details here and there. I think you likely understood the most important parts.

  1. What a lovely place….almost surreal… and the surprise indeed makes it exceptional. What were the goats grazing on? What’s on those trees that’s being given to the animals? Flowers?

    1. Truly surreal – especially once the goats and sheep arrived.

      The trees are sangri trees. Apparently goats think it tastes amazing. Many of the trees near there are trimmed short by people gathering food for animals.

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